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Virtue Is The Root, Wealth Is The Result.

What We Do

We are dedicated to delivering governance education based on the principles of harmony from ancient Chinese philosophy and all the great wisdoms around the world

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Our motivation

The problems of our world

What is the root of social harmony?

Can Confucian philosophy provide solutions to world conflicts?

Born in a period of great division & uncertainty, Confucians and Mencius saw the need of the world and offered solutions to restore world peace and economic prosperity


The teachings of Confucius are based on the nature of man, and as long as we are human beings, no matter in what age or region we may live, we can learn from him.

Ancient governance takes

a human-centered approach

It is based on the


How to improve human relations?


仁 · الإحسان · Wohlwollen · lòng nhân từ · benevolenza · bienveillance · доброжелательность · cymwynasgarwch · benevolencia · hyväntahtoisuus · 자비심 · भलाई · benevolência · じん · velvilje · kebajikan · ความเมตตากรุณา


Benevolence is reflected in the reciprocal relationship between two or more human beings





Human society is built on human relations, whereas the binding agents are benevolence and harmony

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Confucius once said: "What you do not want to be done to yourself, do not do to others."

If there is one word that may serve as the code of practice for one's life, then it is Reciprocity.




Reciprocity is based on true love. Love oneself, love others, love the environment.

When innate love is masked, there emerges selfishness, jealousy, pride, and doubt.

In turn, people struggle for the self, the principle of reciprocity is abandoned, and human relations deteriorate.

Innate love

The practice of FORGIVENESS is a way to rediscover our INNATE LOVE, to practice RECIPROCITY, and harness BENEVOLENCE.

Are we as perfect as we expect others to be?

If not, then we should forgive.

As we forgive, the world will eventually reclaim peace and harmony.

"Quite unique is the position occupied by him who, as no other man, was a teacher of his people, who, I venture to say, has become and continued to be a ruler of his people, the Sage of the family Kong in the State of Lu, whom we know by the name of Confucius. Unique is his position, not only in the history of philosophy but also in the history of mankind. For there is hardly any other man who, like Confucius, incorporated in his own person all the constituent elements of the Chinese type and all that is eternal in his people's being. If we are to measure the greatness of a historic personage, I can see only one standard applicable for the purpose: the effectiveness of that person's influence according to its dimensions, duration, and intensity. If this standard is applied, Confucius was one of the greatest of men. For even at the present day, after the lapse of more than two thousand years, the moral, social, and political life of about one-third of mankind continue to be under the full influence of his mind."

Hans Georg Conon von der Gabelentz (1840-1893) 

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