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Five Human Relations

Parents-Children, Leader-Subordinates, Husband-Wife, Senior-Junior, Among Friends

Parents - Children

Of all the good deeds, filial piety is the first and foremost. Fulfilling one's filial duty is our self-nature's perfect manifestation of its innate capacity for good.


Natural Love Between Parents And Children

The “love between parents and children” is natural, unconditional, true love, it is the bond between parents and children. This love is the starting point of all virtue and does not need to be learned. All moral cultivation stems from this innate love. If we are able to follow “the natural love between parents and children” in our interactions, daily living, work, and dealing with all people, matters and things, our lives would be extremely blissful.

Leader - Subordinates

This is about honoring each other. Leaders and those who are being led need to morally support each other.

Loyalty & Fairness Between Leaders & Subordinates 

Loyalty is part of nature, not a man-made rule. But why are the subordinates loyal to the leader? It is because the leader takes great care of them first, then the subordinates respond whole-heartedly with devotion to responsibility and loyalty. The leader's virtue is the root, loyalty is the result. 


Husband - Wife

Family is the basic element of society, and husband and wife relation has a fundamental role to maintain social harmony


Distinct Responsibility Between Husband & Wife

“Distinct” refers to different roles. Different physiologies have different roles. The male bears the responsibility outside the household. He provides for the family's living income. The female has the natural ability to raise and educate children. As the first teacher of the child, the mother can shape the quality of the child's human development, and the future of society. Isn't it too important a responsibility to ignore?

Senior - Junior

Be it siblings or out in the society, the youngsters respect the seniors and the seniors protect and care for the youngsters. 

Order Among Senior & Junior

Siblings are like leaves and branches from the same tree. We are from the same root but develop in different directions. The intimacy is natural and nothing will break it. Siblings should enjoy the most natural harmony and have obligation to help, lead, and expostulate each other. This is a virtue that should be extended to the rest of society, where we treat all fellow citizens, and all mankind, as our brothers and sisters.



Long-lasting friendship is not necessarily based on common interest or benefit, but on mutual trust and reliability.


Trust Among Friends

As we grow older, friends have an increasing influence on our life. Like walking in a humid place and getting our clothes wet, friends could shape our thought and life. Selecting a virtuous friend is crucial to our personal development and happiness while dealing with friends should be guided by righteousness and responsibility. This involves sincere advice, selfless caring, avoiding gossip, and mutual support.

With the firm grasp of the five human relations, you are now ready for a better understanding of the ancient governing principles

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