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Rediscover the ancient wisdom and solutions to solve modern economic struggles

  • What is economics anyway?

  • Why do we continuously find ourselves in the same competitive struggles and widening inequality despite all the tools created by economics experts?

  • Can we achieve economic growth without sacrificing social harmony and equality?

Time has changed indeed, but mankind has not. In this lecture series, we will bring you onto an exciting and heart-warming journey to discover the economic wisdom of ancient Chinese sages and show you how we can apply ancient solutions in solving modern problems.

Economics course

Governing Principles of Ancient China

Personal cultivation, family management, country governance, world peace.

"The Governing Principles of Ancient China" is a treasured complication that can bring peace to the world. "When used in the present, it allows us to examine and learn from the ancient history; when passed down to our descendants, it will help them learn valuable lessons in life". These were the words of Wei Zheng, the advisor to Emperor Taizong of Tang dynasty who has been recognised to have let China to one of her most prosperous periods in history.

Taizong's secret of governance success lies in the "Governing Principles" that he ordered to be compiled, which extracts the most important lessons, from personal cultivation to world peace, from prior classics and historical records.

Now, "Governing Principles" is offered to all the countries and people. This lecture series takes you to the core of these principles and shows a practical path to world peace, harmony, prosperity, and personal cultivation.

This course is under development. Stay tuned...

Goerning principles
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